We are always looking for interesting films to post and talk about. We take submissions of stories if you are interested in having something on here in our fiction or children’s story collection.

Use email to make submissions.

Put ‘Submission‘ on the subject line.

Send it to [email protected].

For graphics, audio or video, make sure you send a link to them so we can download them.  If you only have minimal graphics, you can just attach them to your email.

If you’ve written a short story, type it in an email and send it to us.  You can post stories on a web site and just send a link.  If you submit a novel, try to send it as a plain text file with very good formatting.  Use the guidelines below:

  • All stories must be in English.
  • Text should be single spaced with an extra return between paragraphs. Make sure you do this. Put space between paragraphs. Submissions that are one giant block of text will be burned!
  • Use nice clear formatting for dialog.
  • For chapter headings use the word “Chapter” and then a number (i.e. “Chapter 1”).
  • If you send an attached file, it should be a text (.txt) file.  We don’t like Word documents!  Don’t send them!
  • Do a really, really good spelling check.  Seriously.

Include a short, one-paragraph synopsis/description of your novel, story, game, movie or audio.

Email all submissions to: [email protected]

Do not send email inquiries about the status of your submission. We will not respond. We will only contact you if your work is published on the site.


In simple terms, this agreement is totally non-exclusive and means that you keep all the rights to your own work. You simply give us the right to offer it here. We want authors to use this site’s publishing of their work as an aid to moving on and getting more publishing agreements elsewhere. All submitted works are offered free of charge. We like to post interesting things, we don’t always need to own them.

By submitting material you grant a non-exclusive license to display and promote the material on and its affiliate and partner sites and networks. You also assure us that you are not violating any one’s copyright by submitting the material. Anything found to be in violation of copyright will be immediately removed from the site.

The authors retain all rights to and full ownership of their work.

We do not yet pay authors or submitters for the posting of their material or ideas on our web site.

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