Tomb of the Mummy II


You can still play our Flash games using Ruffle which is an emulator that runs old games safely in desktop browsers.

The Easiest Way:

Use the Ruffle extension for the Chrome, Edge, Opera, or Firefox browsers.

Just use the easy one-button installation to add the extension to your browser and Flash games will run again:


The Second Way:

Here are the links to download the Flash standalone player from the Adobe/Macromedia Support Center:

For Windows 10:

Download the Standalone Flash Player for Windows 10

For Macintosh:

Download the Standalone Flash Player for Macintosh

How to Use the Standalone Player:

  • Download the correct standalone player for your system and save it somewhere on your computer.
  • Copy this URL for the game:

  • Run the standalone player you downloaded earlier.
  • Use File – Open
  • Paste the URL for our game in and click OK
  • Play your game

Game Instructions

After our hit with Tomb of the Mummy, we just had to try it again. The insanity continues. This puzzle is designed to be difficult and we know it might drive you crazy, but hang in there and keep trying. There is a solution.

If you really need to comment or beg for hints, click here to leave a message. Don’t worry, this link will open a new window. Your puzzle will stay right here. We’ll post some of the choice messages below for all to see. Only first names will display to protect privacy.

Current Stats for Tomb of the Mummy II:
Percentage of players to get 1/5 of the way through the puzzle: 6%
Percentage of players to solve the puzzle: 0.8%

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