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CandlelightStories.com does its best to provide content for all ages, from young children to adult. We do not provide a safe sandbox environment for young children because we do not think it is possible to do so. No young child should ever be allowed to roam the interenet freely without adult supervision. Adult supervision is something we expect every young child to have as they browse the contents of this web site.

Our stories, games, movies, articles, and reviews range in reading and audience level from very young children to adult. We often print articles with strong opinions in them and we often link to material that is hosted outside of Candlelight Stories. Viewing or visiting material hosted outside of Candlelight Stories can lead to other material that is not appropriate for children.

We usually try to put an age description on most of our stories, games and movies, but these should not be taken as the final word. They are just a guide for parents and teachers who must then make their own decisions about the content.

This site also displays advertisements. Most of our ads come through a service provided by Google. While Google has its own policies against innappropriate material, their system does not always provide ads appropriate for the youngest readers. Since this site provides material for all ages and needs to earn income we believe that the tradeoff with the ads is a good one and allows us to continue making and publishing content for all age levels. Sometimes an ad will display that a parent feels is not entirely appropriate for a young viewer. Usually, a simple refresh of the web page in the browser will cause a different ad to appear.

As always, do not allow children under 13 to browse the internet without supervision. There is no such thing as a child-proof or perfectly safe web site. Use your own judgement and enjoy the material that you feel suits you and your children.

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