NYPD Moron Gives Bicyclist Ticket for Not Riding in Bike Lane

Casey Neistat is a New York bicyclist who got a ticket from some moronic New York City police officer who felt that Casey should ride in the bike lane… no matter what. So the camera-wielding rider made a video about the whole affair and why the cop was totally wrong. But look at this drooling goober hired by New York to wear a uniform. If this is the standard of police intelligence in good old NY, then god help those poor island dwellers! A bicyclist can be killed by staying in a bike lane, as this video so clearly illustrates. You do not have to stay inside a bike lane. Bikes are legally entitled to occupy traffic lanes if the rider determines that to be the safest course.

Image Showing The Top One Million Web Sites

This is a visualization of the top one million web sites in the world according to Alexa traffic data.  You can go to Icons of the Web at NMap.org to search for domain names that might be included in the image.  Candlelight Stories is there!  We are ranked 517,582 in the world!  So our tiny little flame logo is buried in there just below the lower right corner of the big CNN logo on the righthand side of the image.

Check it out.  It’s fun.