My Plug Idea for the BP Oil Spill

Plug the hole with a big… you know… plug. There are no ideas coming out of the U.S. government or its bosses at British Petroleum, so why not offer some of our own. I’m pretty good at offering lots of dumb ideas while trying to find a single good one. So here’s my latest dumb idea.

To modify my idea in the film slightly, I would guess that instead of dropping the plug from chains, you would set the thing down on short legs at the ocean floor and then, when it was aligned with the hole, blow the legs out from under it to drop it into the hole.

I wonder if there are lots of ideas like this for solving the disaster in the Gulf.  I’d be very curious to see what other people are coming up with.


After posting my doomsday hole plug idea last night, Scot Monette wrote me a note to point me to this video for his oil spill cleanup product, Petronet.  It’s a biodegradable cellulose fiber made from ground up garbage.  It’s environmentally friendly and it absorbs huge amounts of oil.  When a country gets into a situation where it can only elect intellectual midgets to the highest federal offices (yes, I’m referring to our dimwitted President), you need people like this who are thinking on their feet and use their ingenuity to actually make things that help.  Look at this video and ask yourself why the Coast Guard is not on the phone with Mr. Monette at this very moment:

President Obama Using Military to Threaten Journalists Covering Gulf Oil Spill

The President of the United States is actively using United States military forces to threaten journalists who are trying to document the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. U.S. Coast Guard officers working with BP officials threatened CBS reporters with arrest for photographing an oil-fouled shoreline. A Coast Guard officer says, ‘These are BP’s rules. These are not our rules.’

This is simply horrifying.  The Obama presidency has ended.  I’m a lifelong Democrat and I’m frightened of this guy.  I want him out and out fast.  Any president who uses the U.S. military to threaten and harass journalists needs to be removed from office instantly.  It’s criminal behavior.  Our military is now apparently answering to British Petroleum in the Gulf region.

There are increasing reports coming out of Louisiana that cell phones and cameras are being confiscated and that scientists and research equipment are being turned away from trying to investigate the spill in public lands.

It is beginning to look as if the Obama administration, along with BP, is engaged in a massive cover-up of Gulf oil spill information.

BP and U.S. are Hiding Something in Gulf

That’s a 21-inch pipe blowing oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s 5,000 feet underwater and it’s a doomsday hole. There’s something very strange about the information coming out of the Gulf oil spill. It’s minimal. Some scientists who have technology for precisely measuring the rate of flow from the pipe are being turned away from the spill area by BP and the United States government. BP didn’t even want the video to get released because they didn’t want anyone to know how much oil was leaking. They are still saying that knowing how much oil is coming out is irrelevant. Really? Some experts are trying to warn people that over 75 million gallons of oil have already poured into the Gulf waters. 75 million. That’s almost seven times the Exxon Valdez spill already.

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