William S. Burroughs Ditched Scientology

Here’s an article from I09.com about how William S. Burroughs was, for a period, fascinated by Scientology.  He joined and even used many of the group’s principals in some of his work.  But he eventually turned against the group because he recognized that they were more interested in maintaining a corporate hierarchy of secrecy than in pursuing genuine ideas.  It’s natural for a writer of Burroughs’ genius to be curious and to find the best in a group like Scientology.  It is also natural for him to see through the horse shit and ditch the idiots in a Hollywood Boulevard gutter.

Here’s a good read about Burroughs and Scientology from Dangerous Minds.

What’s Wrong with Scientology’s Ideas?

I am impervious to the persuasions of all clubs, organizations and religions.  I’ve read the entire Old Testament and know that god has never spoken a single word to any living human being in history.  I’ve been in terribly close proximity to Catholic priests for extended periods of time, argued with them and sat gritting my teeth through their best attempts at mass.  You can burn all the bushes in my backyard and come down the hill with as many tablets as you like and I’ll know you’re a damned fake.  So I can watch L. Ron Hubbard speak through all six parts of the interview above and have not the slightest fear of showing up in a Scientology storefront with my wallet out.  However, I don’t really see anything terribly wrong with what Hubbard says in the interview.  What’s all the Scientology warfare really about?

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