The Resurrection Movie: A Film Trailer by Michel Montecrossa


This is Michel Montecrossa’s peace and climate change musical. It tells a great passion story which is the love-tale of cyberrocker-astronaut Starlight and his mate Earthpower and how they change hellish mega city planet through their music into a free world. It’s full of rock & roll, motorcycles, leather jackets, keyboards, cowboy hats, sex drawings, mirror sunglasses, hip rocker women, New Age and science fiction. I don’t know who these people are, but they sure do look fun and they have some kind of wild movie going on here.  It features the poetry of Walt Whitman, Ezra Pound and William Wordsworth!  My general take on it is that the film is a cry for individual expression and freedom in a time of unending war and conflict managed by the forces of homogenous corporate control.  Director Michel Montecrossa is described as a ‘prolific songwriter, orchestral composer, painter, writer, moviemaker, futurist architect and cyberartist.’  Wild people like this should make more films.

Charlie Is My Darling: 1965 Documentary Film About The Rolling Stones

This is a 1965 film by Peter Whitehead that follows the young Rolling Stones around on a tour of Ireland. The film is ragged and jittery, catching odd moments on trains, in rehearsal rooms, in cars and on stage. There’s a fascinating bit where Brian Jones talks about wanting to make a surreal film about love. The general sense I get from watching this is of these magnificently talented young guys becoming aware of what they actually are. They are awakening to the fact of what they are doing and they are working out all the little moves. Jagger looks in every scene to be crafting in masterful detail exactly how Mick Jagger will move and talk. It’s a fascinating glimpse at artists creating the very personas they will present to the world.

There’s more about the film at Dangerous Minds.