Are Children Philosophers?

The Philosophers’ Magazine has an interesting article about teaching philosophy to children.  There is research that suggests teaching philosophy extends benefits across the primary school curriculum.

Philosophical intelligence is the capacity of the mind to solve the recurrent problems of human existence. Some of those problems stem from the activity of the mind contemplating its own existence, others stem from the challenges humans face living in the world. Philosophical intelligence is our ability to organise our ideas and concepts into mental maps and models of the world. It involves processing information and trying to find meaning at a conceptual level, for example, by asking questions such as What is love? What is truth? What is beauty? But can children engage in this kind of questioning?

I think it’s a natural fit for kids to think philosophically.  They love asking big important questions that seemingly have no answer.  It’s the best of all games to play with a kid.  Big questions and even bigger answers!

Read the article: Can Children Philosophize: The Case For

Bertrand Russell on the Foolishness of Religious Belief

British philosopher Bertrand Russell on why it is foolish to ‘believe’ in something that is totally unverifiable.  I think I would have really liked this guy.  I agree with him completely.  One should simply ‘suspend judgment’ on something as unverifiable as the existence of god.  There is so much religious dogma that the world would be so much better off without.  Many people over the years wrongly interpreted this web site with its book and candle logo as having something to do with religious belief.  It has been my profound pleasure to disappoint them.  The book and candle logo actually represent the intellect expressed through creativity, along with a nice light to read by.

My view on all religions that purport to represent the word of god is quite simple:  No god has ever spoken a single word to any human being on the planet throughout all of history.  If a god had spoken, it would not have done so in a subtle or confusing manner.  A giant mouth would have appeared above Mount Everest and it would have spoken very clearly and would have left no room for any doubts whatsoever.  That should be self-evident to anyone who is not mentally deficient.

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