Pakistan Ally, Osama Bin Laden, Killed by U.S. Special Forces

Osama Bin Laden, the architect of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, was killed by special U.S. military forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  He was found to be living in a major urban area amongst some of Pakistan’s wealthiest homes inside a gigantic fortified mansion protected by walls and barbed wire.  As good as this news is and as worthy of celebration, it can only mean one realistic thing:  Pakistan is host and ally to al Qaeda.

You can’t build a major fortified compound and live inside it with a small army unless you are getting enormous support.  If I were the president of Pakistan right now I would get out as fast as I could because the country is controlled by a military/intelligence structure that is an active and dangerous ally of al Qaeda.  This should be the most obvious conclusion drawn from today’s events.

Film: Story About 4-Inch Alien in Pakistan is Sheer Genius

Whether this video news report is real or fake, whether the story is made up or not, it is sheer genius.  It is a remarkable modern day fairy tale that expresses almost everything you need to know about our questionable human condition. While repairing an old house somewhere in Pakistan recently, some children found a tiny alien woman walking around.  These well-adjusted children immediately understood this tiny creature to be a terrible threat, so they stoned it until it fell down and remained motionless.  Then they put her in a bottle for a while and eventually threw her onto some very hot bricks.  Following this brutalization of a 4-inch female, flocks of onlookers arrived, at which point the locals decided to bury the dead alien in a hole in order to protect the community from hysteria.

Well, I don’t think the tiny aliens will be interested in returning to Pakistan, that’s for sure.  But they can certainly come to Los Angeles where they will be warmly welcomed and given tiny outfits from Giorgio Armani.

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