5-Year Old Collects Cans, Feeds 18,000 People

A 5-year-old girl named Phoebe decided she wanted to collect cans in order to raise money from the 5-cent per can deposits.  With the help of her day care center in San Francisco, she raised $3,736.30 from cans and cash donations.  That translated into 17,800 people being fed via local food banks.  If a 5-year-old can do that, imagine what wealthy Americans and corporations could do.

Public Service: Help the Food Banks

Food Banks Need Help: Donate To One Near You

The economic recession has caused the loss of of millions of jobs over the past year. This means that many families across the country no longer have enough money to pay for their homes, medical costs, or their food.  There are ‘tent cities’ springing up in many parts of the country where people who have lost their homes go and try to make do with the bare necessities.  These people must have places to go for food.

Feeding America is the nation’s largest hunger-relief charity. They operate a network of 206 food banks. These food banks are very important in providing hunger relief for those who need it. They supply local soup kitchens and various programs that feed undernourished kids.

The food banks cannot keep up with increasing need as job losses get worse in every part of the country. You can help by donating to the food bank closest to you. When you contact the food bank they will tell you how you can help them serve the local community.