Creepy Claymation Brings Satan to Mark Twain’s Door

This is a genuinely disturbing look at how you can teach your kids all about the cruel world they find themselves living in. Today’s pleasant little lesson comes courtesy of Mr. Mark Twain’s novel ‘The Mysterious Stranger‘ which had this scene adapted to claymation for the 1986 feature film, ‘The Adventures of Mark Twain.’ Satan him or herself pays an unannounced visit to Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher so that he can show them how to build their very own little world of people and then destroy it with all the plagues and violence of mankind.

The Fantastic Adventures of Cloudman

Look at this! Will you just trust me and watch this thing all the way through? It’s absolutely brilliant! It mixes techniques like they are child’s play! Stop-motion, hand-drawn, live action super 8, claymation, psychedelic explosions, fireworks exploding from the heads of alien attackers when they die, forest battles, miniature model sets! It’s incredible. It deals with mythical forces at battle. The director, Phoebe Parsons, has enormous talent and filmmaking know-how and is going be making very excellent films well into the future. Look out for this young filmmaker.

So this Cloudman is created when a pilot gets shots down and his blood mixes with a cloud.  That’s the gorgeous opening animation that sets our crazy story rolling.

This film is… well… I love to use a cliché, but it’s mind-bending! Super cool and totally far out!

This is one of my favorite films online I think. Spectacular.

There’s a

Animation: Pigeon Pilfer

Animator Michael Stevenson of San Fransisco State University made this claymation cartoon. It’s short and sweet. Clay animation is very difficult to do well and this animator does it brilliantly. He gets a lot a character out of his clay and the film has a wonderful gentle humor that is very European in its flavor.  The entire film was shot frame-by-frame with a digital SLR camera.  There’s a behind-the-scenes web site where you can see photos of the film’s set.