Glass Boulevard

Filmed in the dullest imaginable environment of shops along a major Los Angeles street at night when the shops were closed.

My Christmas film.

The music is a public domain recording of Artie Shaw and his orchestra playing ‘There’s Something in the Air’ in 1936. The singer is Peg LaCentra. I found it at the Internet Archive.

Horror Short: Helping Hand

Adult Content – Not For Children Under 13

This is a graphic horror film.  It’s not intended for young children.  If you are under 13, do not watch this before discussing it with your parents!  Seriously.  Also, you should probably not watch it if you are at risk from sudden fear, anxiety or shock.

A woman answers the phone late at night and does not recognize the voice on the other end.

This is my own contribution to the specific horror genre exemplified by the series of Saw movies.  It also has some of the qualities of the moral warning fairy tales in which awful things happen to innocents because of relatively minor errors in judgment.

It’s really fun to make a hardcore scary little movie for Halloween!  I’ve wanted to make a horror film for quite a while and just never had the perfect opportunity.  It’s a very simple film but it can really give some people a bad scare.
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Art: Don’t Look Now!

This is the latest version of a print I’ve been working on that’s loosely based on my Yellow Plastic Raygun film. I printed what I thought was my final version on a large canvas and looked at it for several weeks until I decided that it was timid and boring. So I went back to work and tried to let loose with the image and not worry about mooring the thing in some kind of reality. So this is what I’ve got to show for the effort. I like it much better this way.

I also renamed it from Don’t Turn Back to Don’t Look Now!

Here are the first two versions of the print.