Artificial: A Short Science Fiction Film by Mónia Camacho

Mónia Camacho of Portugal made this short science fiction piece about a fragmentary broadcast from an alien artificial intelligence. There’s some talent here. The film is made in the simplest possible fashion but conveys some interesting emotions and ideas. I think the film should be expanded into something quite a bit longer. The odd, almost out of place expressions of the character make me curious. I want the AI to ramble on for a while. That final landscape shot is fantastic. You could almost take this short film and drop it right into a Tarkovsky film like Solaris. It would fit.

Mystery Video From Neill Blomkamp

Wired Magazine for the iPad included this mysterious little film that is apparently some sort of teaser by Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9. It shows the discovery of a dead alien or unknown life form by two guys driving down a dirt road. Creepy. But why would anyone touch a dead alien?  The creature is stamped as if part of some project at a lab.  Maybe it’s about growing new life forms to feed the planet and then some of them escape.  Or some company has captured and bred aliens for food production!

Here’s a Slashfilm article that suspects it’s a teaser for an online narrative about a company doing genetic engineering.

UFO Sighting Sci-Fi From India

All UFO sightings and reports of them are works of science fiction and should be judged on their artistic merits. Some are simply genius. The whole Area 51 alien ship landing story in the U.S. is terrific science fiction and fascinates me every time I read about it. This little video from India is extremely good science fiction. It has a cheerfulness sorely lacking in most sci-fi produced in the U.S. Our sci-fi has become big, self-important, thumping, overbearing and deadly dull. This video shows a tiny glimpse of the future of science fiction as I see it. The best science fiction will be made on a cell phone. Trust me, if it’s got Will Smith, it ain’t science fiction.

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Film: Story About 4-Inch Alien in Pakistan is Sheer Genius

Whether this video news report is real or fake, whether the story is made up or not, it is sheer genius.  It is a remarkable modern day fairy tale that expresses almost everything you need to know about our questionable human condition. While repairing an old house somewhere in Pakistan recently, some children found a tiny alien woman walking around.  These well-adjusted children immediately understood this tiny creature to be a terrible threat, so they stoned it until it fell down and remained motionless.  Then they put her in a bottle for a while and eventually threw her onto some very hot bricks.  Following this brutalization of a 4-inch female, flocks of onlookers arrived, at which point the locals decided to bury the dead alien in a hole in order to protect the community from hysteria.

Well, I don’t think the tiny aliens will be interested in returning to Pakistan, that’s for sure.  But they can certainly come to Los Angeles where they will be warmly welcomed and given tiny outfits from Giorgio Armani.

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