A Virtual Reality Space War for iPhone

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Battle alien saucers and harvest energy gem towers in this retro sci-fi action shooter that will demand all your VR fighting skills!

Made for freely available Google Cardboard VR, this game is a whirlwind of space war survival that incorporates combat shooting, movement tactics, clock management, and balancing various skills to outwit the enemy aliens and transport energy gems off the planet surface.

You’ll have to stay in constant motion and fend off attacks that come from all directions as you attempt to fly around the battle zone shooting down alien saucers and bombs while protecting and harvesting your gem towers.

This game is deceptively simple but extremely difficult to master. Survive as long as you can against increasing difficulty and figure out how to get the score bonuses.

No ads. No in-game purchases. Just simple straight ahead fun.

No hand controller is required for this game, just a simple and inexpensive Google Cardboard VR viewer. It works without even needing to pull the trigger on your Cardboard viewer. It’s almost entirely shoot and move by aiming. You can choose to use the trigger for firing your main gun and a special extra skill test that you can discover, but the trigger is not required.

Get yourself an inexpensive Google Cardboard compatible VR viewer like the ‘View-Master Deluxe VR Headset’ or ‘Merge VR Goggles’ and have a blast that will get you feeling like you are living inside a classic science fiction adventure world.

You can also play in non-VR mode.

This game has been tested on iPhones as old as the 6s.

A Game Center leaderboard is included.

This game requires a high amount of physical movement and uses the full 360 degree range of VR.

Children should play with adult supervision. Play VR games in a safe open area, free of obstructions, obstacles, and hazards. For increased safety, play while sitting in a swivel chair.


Undersea ABC: Alphabet Learning Game for Kids



This is a learning game I programmed quite a few years ago. I’ve rewritten the code so that it should play more smoothly and perhaps be a little easier to read in the test results area.

The game is very simple: Larry Lobster tells you what to do. You just click on the letter bubbles to pick the right ones. A perfect score frees the trapped submarine from the bottom of the ocean.

Next up – an iPad version!


Halloween Horror Game: Frankenstein – The Creature Must Die!

FrankensteinAdLgIf you wonder what it might have been like to be Victor Frankenstein working in his laboratory to bring life to the stitched together parts of dead people… wonder no more!  You can be the brilliant doctor as he fights off a mob of angry villagers and tries to harness the power of lightning to animate his dead creature.

Enjoy splattering blood, flying brains, bats carrying explosives, and unlimited firepower in this action-packed horror spectacle.

WARNING: This is a frightening and violent horror game. May not be suitable for young children. Parents must use their judgment.


See Top 100 Beginner Scores

See Top 100 Expert Scores

Browser Game: Robot Lab


Build your own robot and hear it talk.


Browser Game: Build Pinocchio

Help Gepetto make Pinocchio. Then take the adventurous puppet to meet characters who ask him some tough questions.


Browser Game: Seven Dwarfs Diamond Mine Arcade

You’re a dwarf from ‘Snow White’ and you’re in the diamond mine trying to hit as many diamonds as you can while your energy lasts.


Browser Game: Beanstalk Climb

Get Jack up the beanstalks to grab the gold coins. Watch out, because the giant is throwing things. If you’re good enough, you can play level 2.


Browser Game: Stellar Speller

Here’s our grade 1 spelling machine. The space robot shows pictures for kids to spell out with the on-screen keyboard or computer keyboard. This game is also perfect for kids learning English.


Browser Game: Magic Quest

elcome to a land of adventure, quests, potions, gems and castles. Magic Quest is a unique, totally free, 3D, Flash adventure game for all to enjoy.



attle ogres and ghouls for your very survival. Search for gold and gems with magical powers. Find secret knowledge and figure out the hidden clues. Then sail the seas on your heroic quest to save your kingdom from the dark wizard, Ravelor.

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Browser Game: Astro-Blaster

Calling all Space Rangers! Climb into your spaceship and blast your way through an asteroid storm as you progress in rank from a lowly Space Cadet to Space Admiral. 10 levels of play.


Browser Game: Sea Pirates

Take command of your ship and sail the seas in search of a pirate fortune. See if you have what it takes to rise from a lowly sea dog to a pirate island governor. Sea Pirates combines strategy with arcade action to give you hours of pirate fun.


Browser Game: Zobar the Ancient Mind Reader

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He knows all. He sees all. You cannot keep a secret from this practitioner of the ancient arts. Pick a card… any card…


Browser Game: Zombie Swarm

A horror game for zombie movie fans. Zombies are taking over the countryside. You’re just one person against swarms of the undead as you try to save yourself and the nearby city.

Now with online competition! Play for top position in the all-time top 20 players list!

WARNING: This is a first-person shooter game in which the player destroys zombie monsters. May not be suitable for young children.


Age 13 and Up (Contains animated weapon fire and shows destruction of undead zombies.)

Browser Game: Undersea ABC

A learning game that’s fun! Kids can help Larry Lobster save the Super Sub by learning their ABCs.

  • A learning game that’s fun! Kids can help Larry Lobster save the Super Sub by learning their ABCs.
  • Excellent educational tool for grade levels preschool, kindergarten and first grade
  • Kids get constant feedback on their performance with voice audio, music and sound effects
  • Super-simple controls – kids just point and click
  • Completely random letter generator – the game is never the same twice
  • Larry Lobster guides kids through the alphabet with ‘sounds like’ words
  • Complete upper and lowercase alphabet options
  • Teachers and parents can see a full report on how a child performs in each game – all correct and incorrect answers clearly displayed

Play Undersea ABC

Browser Game: Tomb of the Mummy II

The puzzle that drove hundreds of thousands of innocent players insane returns. It’s even worse this time. Try your hand at breaking the curse.

WARNING: This is a frightening horror game. May not be suitable for young children.

Age 13 and Up (Contains difficult puzzle.)


Browser Game: Tomb of the Mummy

Tomb of the Mummy is a terrifying, brain-twisting, head-bashing, nightmare of a horrific puzzle.

Do not try this puzzle if you suffer from any kind of a health condition that could be affected by sudden and extreme fear.

Get comfortable. Get safe. Get ready to think.

Not intended for children under the age of 13.

Browser Game: Vampire Hunter

Use your crossbow to defend against the attack of the vampire. Our new horror action game is a terrifying treat for Halloween.

WARNING: This is a frightening horror game. May not be suitable for young children.

Age 13 and Up (Contains animated violence against bats, ghosts & vampires.)