Thrill of the Fight – VR Boxing Match Livestream – Saturday, April 4, 6:00 pm PST

Since we are all cooped up at home during this terrible time of crisis, I thought it would be fun to do something live and active for the amusement of anyone who enjoys a good slugfest.

At 6:00 pm Pacific Time on Saturday, April 4th I used the incredible virtual reality boxing app called ‘The Thrill of the Fight‘ to square off against an AI opponent for 5 full rounds of boxing mayhem! I livestreamed it on my Mixer channel. This is the full stream.

I do an overall VR boxing tip session which is also a kind of review of the app. Then the fight.

The fight begins at 18:00.

Live Coverage of Venus Crossing Sun

It will not happen again until 2117! So you better watch it now! Starting at 3:00 pm PST Venus will cross in front of the sun and the whole thing will last about seven hours. You can’t look at the sun. So don’t do that. But you can put a little hole in a piece of paper and let the sun shine through that onto a second piece of paper so that an image is cast. As for the video feed above, it is from the Keck Observatory.


New York City Police Attack and Destroy Occupy Wall Street Encampment

On the orders of New York mayor Bloomberg, the NYPD staged a brazen and unwarranted attack on the Zuccotti Park protesters of Occupy Wall Street late last night, removing and destroying the entire camp. This assault on Occupy Wall Street appears to be a coordinated nationwide effort with police departments in various cities operating in near concert.

New York has been foolish. The police should not have done this.

There are major protest activities approaching this week. The police assaults may be an effort to head things off before any more major statements can be made by the movement. However, it would be my guess that now all the gloves come off. It would not be unreasonable for massive numbers of protesters to shut down the entire Wall Street area. I think now the movement will be justified in the general public opinion when it escalates its actions. My guess is that if it wasn’t yet, Wall Street is about to become ground zero.

It does appear that there is a court order against New York to allow the protesters back into the park with their tents.  However, Mayor Bloomberg is ignoring the court’s order.

It is also reported that the police destroyed the protesters’ library of 5,000 books during their raid. Get it? That’s basically a book-burning.

It looks like the police also prevented press coverage of the attack. Network news helicopters were prevented from flying and journalists were roughed up and kept away.

However, it has now become clear that the Zuccotti Park protesters last week surrounded an emergency medical technician to prevent him from taking a mentally ill patient to hospital.  The EMT’s leg was broken in the scuffle.  That story fits in perfectly with the experience of a Rolling Stone reporter who was surrounded and prevented from interviewing someone.  One of those acts is a serious crime committed by the protesters against an emergency worker.  The other is an infringement of the right to freely speak with another person.  It is also an attempt to prevent a journalist from doing his or her job. I do not support such actions on the part of the protesters. But those are not reasons to destroy their encampments.

Here is Keith Olbermann excoriating mayor Bloomberg for his raging stupidity:

Here’s a television news report about the NYPD raid:

Here’s a live feed from the Zuccotti Park area:

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at