Tarot of Marseille: A Complete Online Celtic Cross Reader and Guide Book

Yes, this is software I wrote that is a fully capable and very powerful 10-card Tarot reader. I didn’t know of any online readers that utilized the magnificent Marseille Tarot deck which is considered by many to be the greatest Tarot deck of them all. So I made one. Perhaps you have read Alejandro Jodorowski’s book, The Way of Tarot. It is one of the few books available in English on the use of this historic deck of cards. Right here is where you can fully explore the Marseille deck and get actual readings. As many as you like. The software allows you to shuffle and reshuffle the cards, then pick each one. Your reading is explained and some machine learning code kicks in and analyzes the general tone of your reading.

Sound good? Sound somewhat unusual? I think it is. I also think you will learn a lot about the cards here because each card in your reading is clickable and opens up an in-depth explanation of the card and its meaning in the Celtic Cross spread. I have also written a guide to the deck covering the major arcana, court cards and the number cards. The Marseille Tarot requires some understanding of how it relates to numerology so I have covered that as well.

These are the main features:

  • Written in HTML5 so it will work in a browser on most devices
  • Uses the classic Marseille Tarot deck
  • Full 78-card deck shuffling
  • Uses the popular 10-card Celtic Cross spread for readings
  • Includes reversed card meanings
  • Includes simple list readings and narrative readings
  • Artificial intelligence feature analyzes the tone of your reading
  • Get in-depth card meanings when you press the cards in your reading
  • Comprehensive introduction to Tarot

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