Facebook Appears to Delete Photos and Pages Related to Gay Men Kissing

If this photo upsets you or offends you, then kiss my ass.  Facebook appears to have deleted a page set up to organize a protest over two gay men who were thrown out of a British pub for kissing at their table.  (Update: It turns out that the protest organizer made the page private.  But it still looks as though Facebook removed some other posts and pics related to this issue.)  Over the course of my life I have observed many men and women kissing in restaurants, bars, taxis, airplanes, streets, theaters, Ferris wheels, boats, beaches and on television.  It’s a simple act of affection that is practiced by all cultures worldwide.

If a man and a woman feel something for one another, they kiss.  If two men feel something for one another, they kiss.  If two women feel something for one another, they kiss.

Facebook doesn’t seem to see it that way.  They appear to consider it offensive.  Objectionable.  Perverse.

This is what’s wrong behind the scenes with corporate control of major communications tools.  You get some unevolved, intellectually limited, vapid, sexually repressed jackasses running the show and suddenly no one is really allowed to communicate freely anymore.  This is a sure indicator that we need to move off of services like Facebook and into fully open-source social networking tools.

Mark Zuckerberg may be one of these mental midgets (Don’t be fooled by the movie.  It doesn’t take much to code Facebook really.  It’s just MySpace with a white background.) with problems in the sexual arena.  Those dull watery eyes might be a dead giveaway.  At any rate, he presides over a company that is apparently banning photos of men kissing while fully clothed.

Candlelight Stories supports the rights of all gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual persons.  Those rights include the right to kiss and the right to marry and the right to carry on in any way they see fit.

It does not escape me that some of Candlelight’s slower readers will find this post surprising and perhaps offensive.  To those readers I say, get the hell out of here, take your kids with you and don’t let the door hit your expanding ass on the way out.  I don’t publish for you.  Never have.  Never will.  I consider you monkey people.  Unattractive, limp, unschooled, unappealing and quite frankly disgusting.  If you were to read another word of my writing, I think I would vomit.

For those others of you who understand that we all have the same right to kiss, go onto Facebook and share this photo.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Appears to Delete Photos and Pages Related to Gay Men Kissing

  1. This is a little over the top. lol. Why does a picture of a forthcoming gay Eastenders storyline cause offence. Very wrong!

    I am, however, glad that facebook are cutting down on porn stars going on about their sex lives and posting nude (ish) pictures all the time. If they want to feed their already overly inflated egos they need to go on gaydar.

    However, it seems that unfortunately anything that involves gay life is being targeted on facebook. They need to sperate the porn crap with simple kissing pictures…. The latter is far less harmful…. x

  2. the allegation is mistaken, i organised the london kiss-in last friday and facebook did not remove the invitation page; i made the event page private after the event itself was over and i noticed it was getting antigay trolls posting on it. it’s still there, and anyone who was invited to the event can still fully access it, update the wall, etc.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that after posting the picture on Facebook, it’s still there after a couple of days. And I’m sure that if you made your page private, that explains why it vanished. But certainly the Dangerous Minds poster did receive an email from Facebook about the content being removed. It is troubling in that regard. You can follow the first link in my post to read about Richard Metzger’s issue with Facebook. That does in fact appear to be a direct removal by Facebook of material that they deem to be offensive in some way.

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