Wednesday Is The Day To Make Hell For The TSA At U.S. Airports

I can’t believe that I’m posting a video interview with Ron Paul about the ongoing horror show coming out of the TSA and the Obama administration. But the simple fact of the matter is that it really doesn’t matter who is attacking the President and the TSA for blatantly unconstitutional molestation and physical abuse of air passengers across the United States. It doesn’t matter if it’s Republicans or Tea Party dopes. The only thing that matters is that a free people with some hope of maintaining a democracy MUST stop a government that thinks it can go inside peoples’ clothes and touch their bodies in the name of very questionable security.

The Obama administration’s TSA must be stopped no matter what. It is an absolute imperative that they not be allowed to molest men, women or children who are simply exercising their right to travel freely. So I find myself fully in the camp of a political party that I normally want nothing to do with. When it comes to stopping the TSA and protecting the civil rights of people in this country it makes no difference who is leading the fight. It think this cause does in fact join Republicans with liberals. It’s one of the few things we can agree on.

The TSA has expressed concern about verbal and physical abuse being directed at its employees. They hope that passengers can understand the difference between the TSA employees and the officials making the policies. Except that the person you have to defend yourself from is the one standing in front of you trying to put his or her hand into your pants. You must defend yourself against that person. The policymakers will get the message and act eventually. But in the airport you must defend yourself against the person actually committing the assault.

The TSA has made it a condition of flying on an airplane that we be exposed in the nude or touched on our vaginas, penises, testicles, buttocks or breasts. That is exactly where President Obama has put us today in a free democracy. There is no rational argument one can make against this point since it is simply a bare statement of fact. Obama wants his officers to touch us in private places before we are allowed to travel about the country. That is a direct governmental intimidation tactic meant to force us to choose the full body nude scanner machines that are being marketed by a group of former government officials with enormous lobbying power in Washington. The game here is really to get the billions of dollars in government contracts for the scanner technology. Obama is willing to use sexual intimidation to influence our decisions about the scanner machines.

The President of the United States is now using sexual intimidation to influence the behavior of American citizens.

Of course we must also remind ourselves of how we got to this point. Republicans may be seizing this issue to launch withering attacks against our admittedly insubstantial President, but they were more than happy to allow George Bush to remove civil rights and push the country into a security-obsessed paranoia that has only grown more terrifying since he took office in 2000. This all really began with the worst president in the country’s history and continues unabated to this day. Obama is not the guy we want trying to roll this thing back. He’s just a corporate drone – neither here nor there. We need to skip over him entirely and hope the next one has some courage.

One thought on “Wednesday Is The Day To Make Hell For The TSA At U.S. Airports

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s just hilarious to hear the neocon radio talkers feign outrage at the TSA patdowns, and then lay it at Obama’s feet. Two years ago, when Bush was in office, they’d be defending the TSA groping and naked body scanners. There’s too much hypocrisy on both sides, but of course the media doesn’t keep score. Ron Paul is always consistent, honest, and fair.

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