Banksy Exposed!


Gotcha, Banksy!  I’ve been wondering about enigmatic urban street artist Banksy for some time now.  I’ve found out his secret.  Urban Outfitters.  Look at the stealth photo I snapped in a mall location.  The book raised high above all others on a pedestal… Banksy.  Apparently, he’s an Urban Outfitters fave.  Yes.  Indeed.  Uh huh.  Rebel artist.  Street prankster.  Humorist.  Urban Outfitter.  Dude, listen.  If your art is seriously dug by super-corp teenage dupe specialists like Urban Overchargers, its time to fill a vodka bottle with gasoline and fire bomb your own wall paintings.  For sure.  You know something’s off when you start reading about an artist’s ‘humor.’  Now run off to your nearest Urban Outfitters to experience the rebellious humor of legendary street artist Banksy!

2 thoughts on “Banksy Exposed!

  1. dude. harsh. Are you 100% sure this has more to do with Banksy than his book publishers – Random House UK? And yeah – he was a street prankster, just like Shepard Fairey – about a million years ago. Now, they are household names. And yeah – they have his book now that people have heard of him. Is that really so shocking?

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