Obama Has Ignored His Basic Responsibility to Protect the United States

President Barack Obama has failed to uphold the primary duty of the President of the United States, which is to protect it from physical harm. This president has inexplicably ignored his responsibilities and has turned over a planetary mega-disaster to the foreign oil company that caused the disaster. The total reliance upon a company that has proven itself incapable of planning for problems with underwater oil wells is an abdication of responsibility, a total loss of control and a political nightmare that will effectively end the Obama presidency. If you are a Democrat, as I am, you had better watch the video below. When James Carville, one of the great Democrats and political strategists of the 20th century screams at you this way, with this much anger and this much disbelief, you are a lame-duck president. Doesn’t matter how well you smile. Watch:

Carville is on the money.  Obama should have immediately recognized that this hole in the Gulf is a very bad Chernobyl-level disaster that is going to wipe out the southern coast of the United States and possibly kill most life in the Gulf of Mexico.  He should have set up an emergency command center in Louisiana at which he was present and he should have put the military at the site of the disaster so that they could use cameras and submarines to keep an eye on what British Petroleum was doing at the well head.  There is no reason to believe what BP is telling the U.S. government.  There is no reason to believe that they are actually trying a ‘top-kill’ procedure.  There is no visual evidence of this and the U.S. military would be able to verify or refute the company’s claims.

The BP oil spill is a Chernobyl-level disaster.  It is ongoing and will kill enormous stretches of coastline and turn large portions of the Gulf into dead zones.  It will also kill human beings.  BP is putting people out into poisonous waters without any Hazmat breathing gear.  Those people are starting to get sick already.  The poisons can destroy brain tissue and apparently damage lungs.

Fisherman hired to help clean up are getting sick from chemicals at oil spill:

President Obama has failed to put sufficient resources along the coasts to help with cleanup. Instead, he maneuvers politically by sending 1,200 National Guard troops to help ‘protect’ the border in Arizona when everyone knows that those troops cannot do anything at all but stand around and drink coffee. It is not legal for them to arrest anyone crossing the border and they are not authorized to do so. But they could certainly help down in Louisiana with oil.

Obama has decided to visit the area on Friday. So he can have a look. Why doesn’t he put his head into the thick sloppy goop that will be surrounding his boat. When he comes up he’ll be a well-oiled president machine.

This is a very weak president.  He does not have the ability to move quickly – in real time – during an extended crisis.  It is appalling that he has not been able to overcome his inertia over the course of an entire month of unfolding disaster.  If I were an enemy of the United States, I would be paying very close attention to what is going on here and make my move right about now.  Like North Korea.

What we find out later about this oil spill will make today’s anger seem mild.  Never again will I be misled by a politician who paints himself as a hero to the people.  Never.  We were all so excited about having a woman candidate in the primaries and a black candidate in the presidential election.  But those things really aren’t important enough.  We feel proud for electing the nation’s first black president but look what it got us.  It got us a corporate middle manager who gives billions to Wall Street friends, turns healthcare reform into a windfall for the insurance companies, continues two useless and expensive wars, continues to hold people in prisons without charges, and cannot figure out how to take control during a horrendous man-made disaster.