Artist Banksy Makes Some Stealth Art

This is British artist Banksy sneaking out at night to deface a wall that has a security camera. It think in general that it’s a pretty neat idea to deface, destroy, disable, or demolish any wall that has a security camera. This artist is unidentified because he probably likes it that way, makes more money that way, and avoids arrest that way. He uses stencils a lot. Seems like he can draw. Seems angry in a mild sort of way.  Seems like he runs away a lot.  But I think his pictures are good.  I like them.  I keep looking for more of them.  The odd part is that I don’t look at them for long.  Very short lifespans.  About seven seconds.  Then finished.  Like signs passing on the road.  They hit fast then run.

I think he should make a picture that you are supposed to look at for an hour.  But when have you ever seen someone doing that?  Stand in front of picture for an hour.  You’d think they were nuts, wouldn’t you?

About art galleries Banksy says:

These galleries are just trophy cabinets for a handful of millionaires, the public never has any real say in what art they see.

Damn right. When you give the public a real say in what art they are going to see, you know what you get?

A T-shirt.