William S. Burroughs on Human Race and Space

Someone named Brian Duffy at Massachusetts College of Art and Design made this peculiar animation featuring the voice of William S. Burroughs. He gets that face animation of Burroughs just absolutely perfect. And that copy of Naked Lunch is the exact copy I’m reading this very evening. Who is this animator?  He’s very good.

You know, this is what’s so great about reading today, so far and beyond what any other time has allowed people to enjoy.  It’s that you can read something like Naked Lunch and think ‘Whew!  What a weird creature that Burroughs must have been!  What a lunatic!  Very sharp and very crazy.’  And then you can go out across the Web and find all sorts of fantastic films that have him walking around in them.  You can find some kid up in Massachusetts who reads this lunatic and gets so inspired that he makes an incredible film about some one little thing Burroughs said at some point in his long life.  Amazing.  It’s never been better to read than now.

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