Have a Drink on the Moon

moonwaterIf you’re planning on heading to the moon any time soon, you’ll at least be able to get a drink.  NASA announced today that the Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite has discovered water on the moon.  The mission intentionally crashed a rocket stage onto the moon’s surface, creating an enormous plume of ejecta.  When the plume was analyzed by spectrometers on board the satellite, the evidence of water became clear.  In the photograph, you can see the debris plume showing up as the little gray fuzzy area inside the black boxes.

There are many ways the water could have gotten there.  It could have come via solar winds, comets, giant molecular clouds or some kind of internal activity.  Scientists say that it could even have come from Earth.

2 thoughts on “Have a Drink on the Moon

  1. Just thought I would let you know your film velocity was featured on Newgrounds, for the “Treasure Hunt” contest!

    • Thank you, commenter, for noticing ‘Velocity’ on the Newgrounds site. I love that site for all its thousands and thousands of Flash animations and the fantastic talent it exposes. I enjoy watching films on that site more than anything I see on television. It’s an honor to have Velocity picked for their Treasure Hunt.

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