Problem With Nook eBook Reader?

nookfrontI’m looking at this new e-reader from Barnes & Noble called the nook and I’m a little worried.  It’s that split screen.  The top is an e-Ink display for reading your books.  But the bottom is a color LCD.  Look at that picture.  I don’t know about most readers, but I certainly don’t want that row of book covers staring me in the face as I read.  Can one totally black that screen out while reading?  What else shows up in there?  Ads?  Does anything move around to distract the reader?

I don’t know about this nook thing.  I’ve got doubts.

2 thoughts on “Problem With Nook eBook Reader?

  1. I’m wondering if the nook will have the same problem as kindle. That is people are reporting buying ebooks and them getting deleted by Amozon. And no I’m not making this up. This happened when users bought 1984. I’m interested in e-readers because I live over seas and have to wait for books to be shipped here.

  2. I received a nook for Christmas. The bottom screen goes dark when you are reading. It’s a bit touchy to operate, but not a nuisance when reading. I haven’t owned an e-reader previously, and I read regularly (150 + books a year), and so far, I like my nook.

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