Horror Podcast: Fear on Demand

Fear on Demand is an excellent horror story podcast.  Their latest offering is Room 412 by Michael Laimo.  The narrator is Gord Mackenzie.  When a man checks into a hotel during a business trip he is irritated by a constant thumping from the room next door.  What’s making that noise?  His terror mounts as the circumstances around room 412 become increasingly bizarre.

The story really had me sitting perfectly still with complete dread.

This story is not for very young listeners.

Listen to the Room 412 podcast.

2 thoughts on “Horror Podcast: Fear on Demand

    • Fear on Demand, you are very welcome. I was having a great evening in my studio a few nights ago listening to your story, ‘Room 412.’ Excellent. I love horror in the podcast form. It’s so much like old radio stories from the 30s and 40s. It’s the same use of the imagination. I’ll gladly post about more of your work as I get more familiar with it. Keep it up!

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