Podcast Discussion of Thoreau’s Walden

486px-henry_david_thoreauI was very interested in a post about Henry David Thoreau at BoingBoing this weekend.  I got into one of those wonderfully dignified arguments in the comments with other Thoreau lovers and haters.  But one of the commenters posted a link to this fascinating podcast episode in which a Thomas Jefferson fan and expert named Clay Jenkinson discusses Thoreau’s masterwork and its connection to the thinking of Jefferson.  It’s a great listen and has me all excited about Walden again.  In fact, I think I’m going to do a full reading the book right here.  Perhaps I’ll start it this week.  We’ll see.  But I certainly think it needs to be read with all the punkish attitude and brilliant observation that I see in the book.  If you want to read Walden, you sort of have to become Henry David Thoreau for a while.  Not an easy task.

Meanwhile, you really should listen to this marvelous show about Walden.