It is Repose in the Light: A Film by Jennifer MacMillan

It is repose in the light, neither fever nor languor,
on a bed or on a meadow.

It is the friend neither violent nor weak. The friend.

It is the beloved neither tormenting nor tormented. The beloved.

Air and the world not sought. Life.

— Rimbaud, “Vigils”

This film is by Jennifer MacMillan who runs the Invisible Cinema blog where she posts about experimental film and her own poetic interests and observations. She makes many wonderful short films that are the highlight of her blog. She made this one to accompany a poem by Arthur Rimbaud.  Beautiful and thought-provoking.

2 thoughts on “It is Repose in the Light: A Film by Jennifer MacMillan

  1. I am so happy to see my video posted on this site! I see that Candlelight Stories is an expansive, beautiful endeavor! Many thanks! I am very excited about this new video, and it is an honor to be able to share it with more cinephiles on the blogosphere!

    • Jennifer, thank you for the compliment. Your film is gorgeous and works so well with the poem. Happy to have it showing here.

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