Storybook: A Mouse by the House

by Artie Knapp (USA)
the author has an excellent story site: Knapptime Stories

A mouse in the grass ran about,
Stopping by the water spout.
Nibbling on something I could barely see,
And didn’t seem to notice me.

Not realizing he was trapped,
He just chewed on his meal tightly wrapped.
To get the mouse’s attention, I threw a pebble his way,
But he kept to his meal without sway.

Again and again I tried, but to no effect;
Feeling put-off and puzzled by his disrespect.
But something changed inside me, as the mouse finally looked up;
His eyes were innocent and curious, like that of a newborn pup.

He didn’t seem to mind, my being there;
Barely gave a look, much less a stare.
Then off he went back to the grass, nary a glance at me;

I learned later he got glasses, and now can clearly see.

“A Mouse by the House” Copyright © 2008 by Artie Knapp
All Rights Reserved