Zombies Overrun Washington, D.C.

ZombieOutbreakI knew this would happen.  I was right all along and I’m prepared.  For years, I’ve told anyone who would listen that eventually the zombies would completely overwhelm our defenses and take over.  Well, they are apparently running rampant through the streets of Washington, D.C. this very minute.  I’ll be alright though.  I saw it coming and have barricaded myself inside the office.  I’ll stay here over the Thanksgiving holiday since the tables have obviously been completely turned and we are all about to become the main course at a zombie feast.

The windows are boarded over and I have enough water to hold on for at least three weeks.  Thank goodness for these kind computer programmers who are somehow tracking the movements of the zombies as this infection spreads unchecked just the other side of my own door.

Night Zero: Online Zombie Photo Comic Book (not for very young readers)

Night Zero is a photo comic book aimed at older readers.  It’s set in the months following a deadly viral outbreak.  It follows the lives of survivors in Seattle, Washington who barricade themselves against the terrors of the outside world and try to build a future for themselves.  The novel is riveting and beautifully designed.



The collaborative team of artists shoots the photos on location with a full cast and crew, then uses high dynamic range photography and a process called tonemapping to give the comic a style that is both photography and illustration.  The effect really catches the eye and draws the reader in immediately.  I found myself turning pages quickly and not wanting the story to end.  It’s a very violent, gory zombie story that is not for the very young or the very squeamish.  That’s what a good zombie story should be.  The two lead characters are vivid and exciting.  The actresses who play them are doing a wonderful job and I will continue to follow the adventures of these two in their zombie world!

This thing is just fantastic.  You can get all the episodes here.