Wong Kar-Wai’s New Film: The Grandmasters

Here is a beautiful trailer for Hong Kong master filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai's upcoming film, The Grandmasters. It appears to be a poetic take on the enduring and often ridiculous Kung Fu fantasy epic with actors spiraling impossibly in mid-air ballets that give slow-motion footage a bad name. Levitating humans who kick each other in the throat with dainty pointy-toes are not really very interesting. Lets see what Mr. Kar-Wai offers here. The trailer has some gorgeous stuff in it. Hopefully the director will keep his actors relatively anchored.

The Grand Master: Wong Kar Wai Film Trailer

The magnificent Hong Kong film director, Wong Kar Wai, is nearing completion of a new film called ‘The Grand Master.’ It’s a kung fu flick! The film was rumored to have been in a production halt, but now it looks as if things are coming together. It’s hard to find accurate information about this director’s work so I’ll just leave you with this very wet trailer.

Christopher Doyle on Cinematography

He reminds me a little of Keith Richards. He’s made some of the most beautiful films you may ever see with director Wong Kar Wai in Hong Kong. He seems to like wandering the colorful streets. Always talking about the light and color. Last night I took my new camera out along Ventura Boulevard very late. I was making a film by moving very slowly from window to window, shooting in an odd off-kilter way with closeups through glass and lights moving in and out of focus. It took me several hours to move three blocks up the boulevard. I haven’t seen the footage yet but the night was loaded with possibilities. Do you have any idea how many things you can come up with when you look inside a store’s display window? You can break it down almost infinitely and create images that have very little to do with the store. I find it a natural and obvious way to make a film. The sets are all there waiting for me to show up with my camera. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know what the film will be. It exists already and will make itself apparent when I start staring at my footage.