Virtual Reality Tarot Readings in AltspaceVR

On Sunday, October 7 at 4:00 pm (Pacific Time) I will be hosting an hourlong Tarot reading event in VR at AltspaceVR. If you have a headset like an Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Gear VR you can join. But you can also use a PC to join in 2D using the link below. You just download the 2D version for your web browser and then follow the link to get into the event.

If you haven’t tried a virtual reality social network yet it can be pretty interesting. I am going to try to pack this event with material, so I think it will stand out from the average VR gathering.

Even if participation is extremely limited I will do the readings and make it an hour to remember.

If you follow the link, you can RSVP and then the event will be easy to find on Sunday because it will be listed in the main menu in VR under Events – Interested.

It will be a great opportunity to do some 3-card readings and discuss the card meanings to deepen your knowledge of the fascinating world of Tarot. The readings will be done on a large screen inside a VR world and will use a fully randomized and complete 78-card deck.

Hope to see you there!

A Virtual Reality Space War for iPhone

You can get more app developer updates and game support at

Now available in the App Store!

Battle alien saucers and harvest energy gem towers in this retro sci-fi action shooter that will demand all your VR fighting skills!

Made for freely available Google Cardboard VR, this game is a whirlwind of space war survival that incorporates combat shooting, movement tactics, clock management, and balancing various skills to outwit the enemy aliens and transport energy gems off the planet surface.

You’ll have to stay in constant motion and fend off attacks that come from all directions as you attempt to fly around the battle zone shooting down alien saucers and bombs while protecting and harvesting your gem towers.

This game is deceptively simple but extremely difficult to master. Survive as long as you can against increasing difficulty and figure out how to get the score bonuses.

No ads. No in-game purchases. Just simple straight ahead fun.

No hand controller is required for this game, just a simple and inexpensive Google Cardboard VR viewer. It works without even needing to pull the trigger on your Cardboard viewer. It’s almost entirely shoot and move by aiming. You can choose to use the trigger for firing your main gun and a special extra skill test that you can discover, but the trigger is not required.

Get yourself an inexpensive Google Cardboard compatible VR viewer like the ‘View-Master Deluxe VR Headset’ or ‘Merge VR Goggles’ and have a blast that will get you feeling like you are living inside a classic science fiction adventure world.

You can also play in non-VR mode.

This game has been tested on iPhones as old as the 6s.

A Game Center leaderboard is included.

This game requires a high amount of physical movement and uses the full 360 degree range of VR.

Children should play with adult supervision. Play VR games in a safe open area, free of obstructions, obstacles, and hazards. For increased safety, play while sitting in a swivel chair.