Snow – 1963 Short Film by Geoffrey Jones

This 1963 film was nominated for an Oscar. Director Geoffrey Jones captured the shovel work being done to keep British rail lines open during the winter. It’s an elegant and beautifully edited short film.  You can read more about its origin and rhythmic beat editing at the BFI site.

Made available by the British Film Institute.

A is for Atom – Nuclear Documentary by Adam Curtis

This is a five-part documentary by British filmmaker Adam Curtis about the rise of nuclear energy in the United States. These sections make up A is for Atom which is a 1-hour segment of a much longer science and politics television series called Pandora’s Box.  It chronicles the development of the nuclear power industry and shows clearly how little was ever understood about what would happen or what should be done during a nuclear accident.

Parts 2 – 5 after the jump

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Animation: Forget Me Not

Mew Lab animation brings us this lovely short film that combines live action and animated photographs to tell the story of an old woman who remembers her imaginary childhood friends. Forget Me Not, directed by Kim Noce, features excellent use of the photo cutout technique and a wonderful soundtrack.

Animation: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

This is a film made in a workshop run by Quirky Pictures for the BBC Children in Need at the Downsview Special School in the U.K. It’s just insanely beautiful. These kids are learning to be free with various artistic modes and they have made something that is mysterious, magical and wonderful. They are 9 – 12 years old and they make all their paper cutouts, puppets, and props. They storyboard and watercolor and narrate. They have their own little movie studio going into operation. These workshops must be something to see because these results are something very rare. I think the BBC should put together a television show and get all these things on the air.

Animation: Fred the Button Finds a Friend

Quirky Pictures conducted a workshop for children who animate at the Oxley Park Primary School in the United Kingdom. This one is the story of a button who sets out looking for a friend and finds himself on many adventures. The kids have done beautiful drawings and their voice work gives the whole thing the kind of gentle wit that only clever kids can invent.