Wednesday Is The Day To Make Hell For The TSA At U.S. Airports

I can’t believe that I’m posting a video interview with Ron Paul about the ongoing horror show coming out of the TSA and the Obama administration. But the simple fact of the matter is that it really doesn’t matter who is attacking the President and the TSA for blatantly unconstitutional molestation and physical abuse of air passengers across the United States. It doesn’t matter if it’s Republicans or Tea Party dopes. The only thing that matters is that a free people with some hope of maintaining a democracy MUST stop a government that thinks it can go inside peoples’ clothes and touch their bodies in the name of very questionable security.

The Obama administration’s TSA must be stopped no matter what. It is an absolute imperative that they not be allowed to molest men, women or children who are simply exercising their right to travel freely. So I find myself fully in the camp of a political party that I normally want nothing to do with. When it comes to stopping the TSA and protecting the civil rights of people in this country it makes no difference who is leading the fight. It think this cause does in fact join Republicans with liberals. It’s one of the few things we can agree on.

The TSA has expressed concern about verbal and physical abuse being directed at its employees. They hope that passengers can understand the difference between the TSA employees and the officials making the policies. Except that the person you have to defend yourself from is the one standing in front of you trying to put his or her hand into your pants. You must defend yourself against that person. The policymakers will get the message and act eventually. But in the airport you must defend yourself against the person actually committing the assault.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010 is National Opt Out of TSA Abuse Day

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One would of course want to do more than just ‘opt out’ if a child were treated this way by the frighteningly imbecilic TSA. You know, the regular airport police really don’t much like the TSA people very much and are probably just itching for a good reason to arrest one or two.

I thought of a possible alternative to the TSA’s threat to arrest or financially penalize people who try to opt out of the full body nude scanners and the groin touching pat down. One could simply opt out of the scanner and then state that although not refusing the pat down a request for local or airport police observation of the pat down procedure is insisted upon because one has a real fear of imminent sexual assault. That would seem to me to put the TSA officers at a serious disadvantage legally and force local police to come to the scene. Just a few episodes like this will really jam up airport gates all across the country and then the hand-job President might get the message that we’re all just fine without hands in our pants.

At the very least, passengers all across the country should be filming with their cell phones just like the guy in the video above.

Obama Orders Touching of Genitals Nationwide

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When was it you realized that Americans had unwittingly elected a horrible president?  Was it when he decided to cover up photographic evidence of systematic atrocities by U.S. troops?  Was it when he took tax money to buy General Motors?  Was it when he decided to continue an illegal war of aggression against Iraq?  Was it when he decided to continue a Vietnam-like quagmire in Afghanistan?  Was it when he decided that he would let British Petroleum defecate into his mouth?  Was it when he began to falsify scientific research data about the water in the Gulf?  Was it when he decided that he could constitutionally force every American citizen to purchase health insurance from brutally self-interested corporations?  Was it when he decided to use the power of his office to forcefully defend the military’s anti-gay bigotry and discrimination?

Or was it when he ordered his Homeland Security employees to stick their fingers into your genitals if you decide not to allow the government to blast you with x-rays in a ‘full body scan?’

President Barack Obama has finally positioned himself, uniquely among modern presidents I think, so that actual physical resistance to a presidential order is not only logical but morally imperative.

The Transportation Security Administration is installing full body scan machines that use x-rays in airports across the nation.  If you refuse to be photographed naked and dosed with x-rays that many scientists are very worried about, the TSA will force you to accept a physical ‘pat down’ that involves the probing and touching of your penis, vagina, breasts, and buttocks.  In one airport, a woman’s blouse was removed in full public view to expose her bare breasts.  Nearby agents then taunted and mocked her for several minutes as she tried to regain her composure and escape the area.  This is a full-blown sexual assault that warrants a full physical response in self-defense, followed by prosecution of the TSA agents involved.

Why not just go through the full body scan machine?  Because it photographs you naked.  The TSA and the manufacturers have continually asserted that the machines cannot store images.  But they have been proven repeatedly to be lying about this and thousands of the nude photos have been stored by the machines.  Think about it.  Would you build a scanning machine that could not save the photograph showing a bomb strapped to someone’s butt?  Don’t you think you might need that photo in a courtroom trial at some point?  Of course the machines store images.  Only an idiot would think otherwise.  They also shoot radiation all over your body.  The pilots’ union is very nervous about this and wants pilots exempted from the machines.  Scientists are weighing in to say that the radiation can have long-term effects on the human body.  This is scary enough.  But stop to think about how these machines will sit in airports and be tended to by dimwits earning minimum wage.  Are we to expect these crotch-grabbing imbeciles to keep sophisticated x-ray machines in proper adjustment?  Will it take a baby getting barbecued in one of these things to wake people up?

Yet, the TSA asserts that it has the right to pursue incredible monetary damages against you if you refuse the full body scan and the genital touching procedure.  They can come after you even after they make you miss your flight and leave the airport.  Shocking.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals actually upheld this civil penalty right.

We are far down the rabbit hole when a person, who doesn’t want to risk his or her health to x-ray radiation managed by low-level government employees, cannot reasonably refuse having their genitals and breasts touched without being turned into a criminal and put at risk of at least a ten thousand dollar penalty.

These TSA people can feel the genitals of children also.  There’s no protection.  You think this is pretty bad?  Well it gets worse.  They can also go inside your pants.  If the agent decides that your clothing is a little too loose, they can go inside to feel your private parts.  They can do it to children.

If some dude in an airport touches my special Christmas package, I’m going to put his head on the floor.  I think anyone else should do just the same.

Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security, insists that the new procedures are necessary to thwart terrorist threats.  Bullshit.  These x-ray machines that they are trying to zap us with come from a company that employs the former Secretary of Homeland Security.  Sound odd?

November 24, 2010 is National Opt-Out Day.  People going through security at American airports are encouraged and expected to resist the governmental assault on freedom from unreasonable search – to resist being dosed with radiation and groped in the groin.  I frankly hope that Opt-Out Day turns into a real nightmare for the TSA and for airlines.  Thousands of people refusing to be assaulted by government goons will jam up airport lobbies very quickly.  Flights will be delayed.  Passengers will be asking for refunds.  The airlines will react with anger on Capitol Hill.

Terrorists don’t have to blow up airplanes.  Why are we allowing ourselves to be victimized at airports?  Terrorists can just as easily climb onto trains or buses and blow them up.  Will the TSA start touching our penises and vaginas at train stations and bus depots?  Why wouldn’t they?

On November 24 American air travelers need to stop pretending to be mild sheep in their own airports.  Have you ever noticed how when we set foot in an airport we suddenly become Mr. and Mrs. Proper?  We behave as if we are all the most casual of normal harmless little people without the least tendency toward even the slightest outburst.  We take it up the ass because we are all told to behave in just a certain way or we’ll be arrested.  It’s a waste of energy to worry too much about terrorists.  What air travelers should be more worried about is inattentive airline mechanics down on the tarmac.  That’s where the real damage is done.  Incompetence is far more dangerous than terrorism.

Americans have punched the idiot Obama hard in the face with the recent election results.  They can do it again by punching gropers.  ‘Touch my kid’s crotch and I’ll stick my fist down your throat.’  That’s the proper response.

One suggestion I have for our smiling President is that he should offer to demonstrate the new ‘pat down’ procedure on Secretary Napolitano.  He could reach those long slender fingers of his down into her business pants, lift a roll or two of fat out of the way, and give the Secretary a good finger job for national security.  We’d all be watching.

We all have a right to travel freely in this country without being subjected to dangerous radiation or getting groped.  We have shown our crappy politicians what our anger can do in the recent mid-term elections.  On November 24 let’s show them again.

Update 11/18: New York lawmakers are introducing legislation to prohibit the TSA from using the nude full body scanners at all airports in the state, including JFK, the largest international airport in the country.

Transportation Security Agents Want Nude Photos of Children at Airports

Many airports in the United States and the United Kingdom have installed new full body scanners.  They are easy to spot.  You walk in and a security guard tells you to raise your arms out to the side.  Then what happens is they take a naked photograph of you.  Naked.  Nude.  Bare-assed.  Birthday suit.  Free as the wind blows.  Exposed.  Porno.

Why porno?  Because they take naked pictures and look at them.  They want to do it to children too.  And guess what?  In the U.K. it has suddenly been noticed that taking naked pictures of children in airports violates anti-child porn laws.  You bet.  Think about it.  Your kid in the machine.  Arms up in the air.  Being photographed naked through his or her clothes.  The TSA claims that a single operator in a booth will view the naked photos of boarding passengers and children.  Fine.  So think about that.  A little fat guy sitting in there with his sandwich and his can of Coke watching you and your kids naked.  Enjoy that image?  Still want to fly?  Or would you rather just drive now?

No one anywhere has the right to look at our naked bodies just because we are getting on an airplane.  No one.  I certainly will not enter one of these invasive machines under any circumstances.  I think that airline passengers wherever they might be should absolutely refuse to walk into these things.  That will create chaos and slow things down until these hysterical security people back off with the nude photos.  Causing an uproar about this is probably the one thing that will stop the roll-out of these machines.  President Obama may in fact expedite the increased use of these things. Well, he’s the bright bulb who’s hiding photos of U.S. military torture practices and now he wants nude photos of us and our kids.  Cool guy, huh?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) calls these things the ‘naked machines.’

In many airports the machines are voluntary and offered as an option to avoid a pat-down.  Not for long.  The TSA wants these naked photos and they want them really bad.  Have you met some of these TSA agents by any chance?  My god!  They are as dumb as posts.  I met one a year ago at Los Angeles International Airport in the parking lot.  She said she was lost.  Lost!  She couldn’t find the terminal building.  I had to literally walk her through the airport to find her work station.  I was just a passenger on my way somewhere.  She was totally lost and completely at my mercy.  I could have led her anywhere and stolen her badge.  Trust me, if you can’t find the terminal at LAX, there’s something seriously wrong with you.  That is the level of training these people are receiving.  Another time, just months ago, I gave the finger to a TSA agent who tried to jump in front of me while boarding a crowded shuttle bus.  He got on his phone and called airport police, saying that he had a dangerous passenger who had given him and his officers the finger.  Four police cars showed up.  Guess what happened when the officer in charge listened to the irate TSA guy.  He smiled at him, then turned to me and said, “Sir, would you be interested in pressing any charges against the TSA?”  I said, “No thanks, but it’s nice to know that a cop understands I’m allowed to give the finger to the TSA.”  He said, “If you change your mind call me at this number.”  Then he handed me a card!  He said there were lots of complaints about the TSA people and that his officers were sick and tired of dealing with them because they didn’t understand any of the laws.  And now we are asked to trust these TSA nitwits with naked photographs of ourselves and our children?  Are you kidding?  Seriously?