Robert Frank Film of The Rolling Stones

It’s all very confused and mysterious. In 1972, the Rolling Stones hired photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank to make a film about their American tour. He made something wonderful called ‘Cocksucker Blues,’ which immediately angered the Stones because it actually showed them to be the ultra coolest and baddest band in the world. They sued him to keep the film out of circulation. Go figure. Why would you sue a guy for making the one absolute piece of evidence that you are what you say you are: ‘The greatest rock & roll band in the world?’ Well I don’t know the answer. Drugs and addled minds perhaps. This short film is actual footage taken by Frank on Super 8 cameras. It’s been edited by someone called Videodrumz on YouTube and put together with ‘Rocks Off’ from the ‘Exile on Main Street’ album. It’s good. It works. The footage is absolutely recognizable as Frank’s.

Film: World’s Most Boring Musician Proves It

I’ve always said that the world’s most boring musician is John Mayer and now the accommodating fellow has gone and proven my point.  He’s made a film about his average day during a tour.  From the looks of this film he could be attending a corporate seminar to give a PowerPoint presentation.  Shiny hotel fixtures and breakfast buffets laid out in one’s room certainly must go far toward making exciting music.  And look!  Sneakers!  He’s wearing sneakers!  How charmingly boyish.  And he finishes the film with ‘Fin.’  Just like the French do!  Gosh!  Fin!  And look at that audience of his!  My goodness!  They look like they’re at a Bed Bath & Beyond shopping for a new duvet cover.

I think the best shot in the movie is the elevator man opening the doors and ushering Mr. Mayor out into the lobby.  But John Mayer should stay in the elevator.  And play there.

Every once in a while I like to post something I hate.  It keeps things real.