Animation: The Legend of the Turning Stone

This French animation was made by Mélanie Climent, Élodie Fraysse, and Émilie Frezet for Supinfocom Arles in 2006.  Some sort of puppeteer tells a story and sets it all in motion with a table-top town.  A puppet woman with a child is tempted to cross toward a mysterious stone that hides a magical secret.

I found this via a fantastic cinema site called No fat clips!!!

Animation: Café Serré

A cop sits in a diner having his simple breakfast and, without so much as breaking a sweat, he foils a robbery.  Café Serré is a short animation by Denis Bouyer for Supinfocom Arles.  I love the way the cop reaches for his coffee spoon and misses it the first time.  Great detail.  Nice timing.  Fabulous diner too.