Wall – Ethos: A Film by Alessandro Cima

Brazilian artist Claudio Ethos works on his first Los Angeles art piece. I happened upon him down on Main Street and thought he was a worker about to paint over a painting of a face. I started shooting and after several minutes realized that he was the artist.

Take This Opportunity to Deface My Art

My latest artwork is an image that is never quite the same twice. I worked hard on it. Framed it. Hung it in a gallery. Now you come along with your paints and markers and mess it all up. I’m curious to see what you decide to do. So when you deface my best work ever just hit the ‘upload art’ button to send your artwork to me. You can get a copy for yourself by clicking the ‘download’ button. You get 3 uploads, so try to make it count.

Have fun destroying one of my proudest creations!

Downtown 81 – A Film Starring Jean Michel Basquiat

Mature Content:

This is a 1980 film starring American artist Jean Michel Basquiat. It follows him around and through the downtown New York art and music scene, presenting real people and events in a barely fictionalized semi-documentary. It’s a fascinating look into the world of 1980 New York and the quickly rising star painter who was to pass away in 1988. It’s a glimpse of a New York just a few years before it was bombed by The Gap.  It was directed by Edo Bertoglio.

You can stare straight into the open face of Basquiat and find more mystery than Banksy could conjure with a black velvet cloak, top hat and a mask.

Banksy Exposed!


Gotcha, Banksy!  I’ve been wondering about enigmatic urban street artist Banksy for some time now.  I’ve found out his secret.  Urban Outfitters.  Look at the stealth photo I snapped in a mall location.  The book raised high above all others on a pedestal… Banksy.  Apparently, he’s an Urban Outfitters fave.  Yes.  Indeed.  Uh huh.  Rebel artist.  Street prankster.  Humorist.  Urban Outfitter.  Dude, listen.  If your art is seriously dug by super-corp teenage dupe specialists like Urban Overchargers, its time to fill a vodka bottle with gasoline and fire bomb your own wall paintings.  For sure.  You know something’s off when you start reading about an artist’s ‘humor.’  Now run off to your nearest Urban Outfitters to experience the rebellious humor of legendary street artist Banksy!