Our Free Tarot Card Reading & Meditation App

Here’s everything you need if you are interested in doing a Tarot reading or delving into the structure and meaning of the cards. This is our new ‘Tarot Card Reading & Meditation’ app. Prepare to be astounded at what this reader can tell you as it encourages you to open your mind and explore hidden aspects of your personality.

These are the main features of version 1.0:

  • Written in HTML5 so it will work in a browser on most devices
  • Uses the classic Tarot of Marseilles deck
  • Full 78-card deck shuffling
  • Uses the popular 10-card Celtic Cross spread for readings
  • Includes reversed card meanings
  • Includes simple list readings and narrative readings
  • Artificial intelligence feature analyzes the tone of your reading
  • Get in-depth card meanings when you press the cards in your reading
  • Comprehensive introduction to Tarot

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