Road to the Stars – 1957 Soviet Space Vision with Stunning Special Effects

Excerpt 1 – First Men in Space:

The film is in Russian but you absolutely do not need to know Russian to enjoy it!  Unfortunately, I can’t find the entire film, only these three excerpts.

Pavel Klushantsev’s 1957 film, Road to the Stars, features astoundingly realistic special effects that were an inspiration and obvious blueprint for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey ten years later.  The film is an extended form of science education, building upon existing 1950s technology to predict space exploration of the future.  The sequences with astronauts in zero gravity are incredibly realistic.  The second excerpt from the film features the construction of and life aboard a space station in earth orbit that is not only convincing but also beautiful.  There are several scenes with space station dwellers using videophones that anticipate the famous Kubrick videophone scene.

Excerpt 2 – Space Station:

Excerpt 3 – Moon Landing:

Film: Spaceman

Jono Schaferkotter wrote and directed this short sci-fi film that places a spaceship crew in love and peril during a mission to find more resources for Earth. But the spaceship is an apartment. It’s a clever mix of perspectives and imaginary circumstances that play out over the course of a short romance. The film was made with no budget but it features some lovely special effects and a very convincing space walk.

Animation: E.T.A.

E.T.A. was directed by Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen, with character modeling and animation by Søren Andersen and Michael la-Cour.  The production company is called Junk.  The film gets the whole thing with the orbiting spaceship and the cockpit just perfectly.  It’s short and sweet and funny.  I love sci-fi with grungy control rooms and crap lying around.  And of course I bet GM built the poor guy’s ship.  Definitely.  It’s a junker.

UFO Sighting Sci-Fi From India

All UFO sightings and reports of them are works of science fiction and should be judged on their artistic merits. Some are simply genius. The whole Area 51 alien ship landing story in the U.S. is terrific science fiction and fascinates me every time I read about it. This little video from India is extremely good science fiction. It has a cheerfulness sorely lacking in most sci-fi produced in the U.S. Our sci-fi has become big, self-important, thumping, overbearing and deadly dull. This video shows a tiny glimpse of the future of science fiction as I see it. The best science fiction will be made on a cell phone. Trust me, if it’s got Will Smith, it ain’t science fiction.

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