A Short Statement on Gay Bullying

The kid in this video, Jamey Rodemeyer, went to school in Buffalo, New York. He was consistently bullied for being openly gay. He tried to help others by posting videos for It Gets Better. But he was hurting too much from all the hate and bullying. He killed himself. He looks to me like a really great kid who had a huge heart and wanted to help other kids who were in trouble. The world could have used this kid. He would have gone on to become a magnificent man with a lot to offer the world. But it won’t happen because people around him did not do what they needed to do. Kids feel helpless when the adults around them cannot handle the situation properly. Sometimes these people posing as ‘counselors’ and ‘teachers’ are just useless. You can’t always rely on them to help out when someone is bullying, harassing or attacking you. There are a lot of freakish idiots working in schools all across the nation. Really stupid people. Bigots. People who I wouldn’t even trust to put gas in my car.

If a school sees a kid bullying someone, that kid should never be allowed to pass the threshold of that school again. Never. It is unforgivable. These bullying kids are non-entities who can serve no useful purpose. It is a waste to educate them. Let them enjoy very short, painful and unproductive lives. Given a little leeway, these kids would progress to hanging people from trees for their sexuality or skin color. There are some kids who are forever beyond hope. Kids who bully gay kids are some of those.

I think kids who are bullied for being gay or for any reason at all should make trouble. Lots of it.  They should call 911 if they are physically abused at school. A physical attack is criminal even if it’s committed by a student. I think kids should seek legal representation and sue the schools, the individual teachers, and the families of bullies. Gay kids who are bullied need to get their mean on and start figuring out how to fuck these people up.

As for the kind of bullying that happens socially or on Facebook, well that can be really vicious and can drive kids to despair. But that kind of thing leaves a trail. It can all be copied and saved for a nice big lawsuit. So kids, maybe you can think constructively about it. If some asshole is tormenting you on Facebook, save all the posts somewhere as evidence. Chances are there’s going to be some sort of federal law against this form of bullying soon. So all those bullying posts are going to count against those people in court.

A lot of teachers have read this site in the past. I’m not sure how I feel about that in general. But I would certainly address myself to a portion of this group by saying this: If you are a teacher who for reasons of your own or because of religious beliefs has allowed gay bashing or bullying to happen in your school and you have maintained a neutral posture, I want you out of the school. I want you jobless and living under a bridge. And then go fuck yourself. That’s the official business position of Candlelight Stories, Inc. Fuck you, fuck your credentials, and fuck your religion. Most religions hate gay people. It’s officially built into them. That’s why religions are for assholes. If you come here often and are offended by my attitude, go fuck yourself, monkey brain.

I stand with the gay kids. I stand with the ones who have put up with these bullying pigs long enough. I don’t like arguing the point with brutish, right-wing or worshipful jerkoffs. I’d rather break their heads. That’s how I feel about it.

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