A Journalist’s Song: Video From Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa continues his underground assault on currently active oppressors, liars and cheats who simply don’t know how to live properly. I like this guy, Montecrossa. He’s hitting something that is sorely lacking these days and he keeps hitting it cheerfully and with conviction. He digs himself and what he does and that is good because it puts irony in the dumpster where it belongs. You know, of all the basic forms of humor, irony is actually the most depressingly childish. Here is Montecrossa countering the bullshit from Rupert Murdoch and keeping it simple.

Hugh Grant Helps Expose Phone Hacking by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation

This is simply mind-boggling. Actor Hugh Grant breaks down in his car and gets help from a passing motorist who happens to be an editor at Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World paper. This obviously troubled editor then proceeds to boast to Mr. Grant about his phone hacking schemes at News of the World! Grant then wears his own wire and goes to meet the fool at a bar where he records every word the guy says!

But watch how the editor, Paul McMullen, debates Grant by defending the phone hacking! Grant just nails this imbecile to the floor with a withering verbal assault that just about sums up this whole affair.

This conspiracy to hack into personal and possibly business phone accounts by Rupert Murdoch’s news people is spreading all over the place like a brush fire. The FBI has announced that it is opening an investigation into the News Corporation here in the U.S. The criminality is obviously very widespread and will begin to reach into the highest echelons of the news world. It is a shame that a bit of excrement like Rupert Murdoch can amass so much power and then create such humiliation for the entire profession of journalism. We can ill afford government efforts to exert more control over journalists. I am almost certain that this spreading criminality in the News Corporation will lead to politicians screaming for more oversight and regulation of free speech and journalism in the U.S.