Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Docks Ship for Fun and Sun in Stricken Haiti

Perhaps the most disgusting company on the face of the planet has made itself known today: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has docked the cruise ship Independence of the Seas at a private beach in Haiti which is fenced off from the rest of the stricken nation, for some fun and sun along the beach.  The resort beach is about sixty miles from the devastation of Haiti’s earthquake zone and is surrounded by tall fences and armed guards.

Apparently, the cruise line company has excused its shocking act by saying that it delivered some pallets of relief supplies.  So, with millions of people injured, two hundred thousand dead, everything lying in heaps of rubble, this Royal Caribbean company thinks it can dock its ship for fun and NOT pick up survivors or provide beds and rooms for survivors or transportation for survivors.  What Royal Caribbean should be doing is running its ships back and forth to ferry people to hospitals on other islands.  That’s what a responsible company with real sailors in its employ would be doing.  How could a ship’s captain or crew live with itself after behaving in such a monstrous fashion?  How could the passengers not mutiny?  What are the names of the people on board this ship?  Let’s find out and post them on the web.

Ship photo from Bernt Rostad