Rolling Stones: Doom and Gloom

The Rolling Stones need none of my help selling anything, but damn I like what they do in this single! This is some Rock. I love reading the lyrics in the video because they are so damn good. They punch and drawl and leer with all of Jagger’s wit and silk-tempered vitriol. The man is a goddam world treasure and we shall never see his like again. If you can, go see this band play. It is like a bolt of lightening. Nobody does it better.

Voices: Documentary on Jean-Luc Godard Filming ‘One Plus One’ with the Rolling Stones

Here’s a film begun by director Richard Mordaunt. It shows Jean-Luc Godard working on scenes from his film, ‘One Plus One,’ that featured the Rolling Stones as they recorded ‘Sympathy For the Devil’ in 1968. Godard always has something nearly unintelligible to say but which ends up making perfect sense later on. You might also note that Godard seems to have very little in the way of a plan as he shoots his scenes. He appears to discover his scenes as he goes.  That is the only kind of intelligence in filmmaking that I can truly respect.  A director with a storyboard is usually a jackass.

Thanks to Paul Gallagher at Dangerous Minds.