Japanese TEPCO Executives Should be Forced to Work in Fukushima Death Camp

A Japanese TEPCO executive visited a temporary shelter for evacuees in the area of the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster, bowing and apologizing for causing such a ‘nuisance.’


If this man bows a bit lower, someone should take the opportunity to kick his head through a plate glass window.

These Japanese power company nincompoops are not only disrespectful, but they are quite possibly criminals.

The CEO of TEPCO has all but disappeared, requiring low-level employees to work in his nuclear death camp, risking their health and lives for a company that has been shown to have falsified inspections when not skipping them altogether.

The TEPCO CEO should be forced to work in his own death camp.  Then when he is done there and has suffered irreparable cellular damage, he should be tried and sent to prison.

Apparently, a Japanese government minister this week threatened firefighters with punishment unless they continued to work hard at the disintegrating nuclear plant.

It really pains me to watch highly paid executives and inert Japanese politicians kill workers, soldiers and firemen by forcing them to work in what amounts to a death camp.

The photo is from AFP.


Aspects of Nuclear Radiation – 1950s Atomic Propaganda Film

In the 1950s, while the US army was intentionally blasting soldiers with radiation in order to study them as they melted and died, this film was made to minimize public worry about nuclear radiation. Governments always lie about nuclear radiation. They never tell the truth. So, as President Obama stands before the nation assuring us that no dangerous radiation will reach our shores from the sudden nuclear Armageddon of Japan, watch this reassuring little film and wonder.

Northern Japan May be Rendered Uninhabitable by Nuclear Reactors

Look at that picture.  That’s a Reuters news photo of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan.  It is disintegrating.  Explosions, fires and radiation leaks are growing worse by the day and the efforts to dump water on the reactors are desperate and considered by experts to be ‘last-ditch’ efforts.

The UK’s Daily Mail has an in-depth article with photos.

This is a frightening and horrific world disaster that is quickly approaching and will likely exceed the Chernobyl disaster.  The French government is evacuating its nationals from Japan and has announced that the Japanese government is hiding the truth about the disaster.  That’s about all one should need to know at this point.  The French, one of the world’s leading nuclear nations, are evacuating from Japan.

Let’s stop and think about a Japan with a northern region that is completely uninhabitable.

Japan cannot handle this situation.  It has become an emergency requiring a massive U.S. military intervention.

It should go without saying that investigations of nuclear power plant operators worldwide is in quick order.  The criminal stupidity of building these things should lead to arrests and prosecutions in the coming months.  If someone comes to your town trying sell you a nuclear power plant… put them in a jail cell.

U.S. officials are now saying that the Japanese government has not been telling the truth about the emergency.  ‘Extremely high’ radiation levels announced by U.S.

I simply cannot overstress the absolute criminal stupidity of building nuclear reactors in an earthquake zone prone to massive tsunamis.  It is simply beyond all excuse and government and power company officials in Japan should definitely be put in jail and taken out of office.  This reactor problem is an insult to rationality itself.  You don’t build nuclear reactors on top of faults in tsunami waters.  It is suicide.

UPDATE: Great Britain is now evacuating all British citizens from Tokyo.