Tomb of the Mummy Puzzle is a Facebook App

I’ve turned the original Tomb of the Mummy puzzle game into a Facebook app.  So if you spend most of your time over there you can give it a try.

It’s really pretty difficult and has resulting in tons of nasty emails for me.  One guy worked on the puzzle for three weeks and left it on his monitor when his girlfriend came over.  She apparently sat down and solved it in thirty seconds.  The guy was furious and really let me know about it!


Here’s the link to the Tomb of the Mummy on Facebook.

An Aerial Literature Puzzle

Head over to Literary Kicks to try your literary knowledge against a cool puzzle.  Guess what the picture is of and what it has to do with a book.  This kind of thing can keep you going for hours while you hunt through your book collection for clues and learn about fascinating web sites you never knew existed.  I spent quite some time going comfortably down quite the wrong track with this little puzzle.  But then… Aha!  My mistake became obvious.

Try the contest at

Puzzle Game: Tomb of the Mummy II

TombOfTheMummyIIWant to ruin Halloween?  Sure.  Why not?  Give it a try.  This puzzle has driven many players totally insane.  I’m actually not kidding.  I’m dead serious.  It’s really hard.  It can warp your helpless mind and make you smash your computer.  I have received more hate mail for this little puzzle than for any other reason.

Why don’t you try it?  Go ahead… see if you can solve it.

You won’t regret it… for a while.