The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Orson Welles Narrates 1977 Film by Lawrence Jordan


Filmmaker Lawrence Jordan calls this 'a long opium dream of the old Mariner' that marries the engravings of Gustave Dore to the poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Jordan adds many of his own cutout elements to the animation, creating something totally unique. Orson Welles' performance of the poem is unforgettable, simultaneously delicate and powerful as he fully embodies the role of the old Mariner with a story to tell. There is enough mystery and otherworldliness from Jordan's hands to pair magnificently with one of the saddest and most beautiful poems ever written in English.

The film is dedicated to the great assemblage artist and filmmaker Wallace Berman who was a close friend of Jordan.






Our Lady of the Sphere: 1969 Experimental Collage Film by Lawrence Jordan


Lawrence Jordan began his filmmaking career by learning from and working with the great artist and filmmaker, Joseph Cornell. This is a 1972 film that is a mysterious trip through a subconscious world of imagery that suggests hidden communications and magic behind observable reality. His technique is mainly focused on using cutout illustration collages. I like his work because it leaves things unsaid, unexplained and it does not work too hard at being funny.

You can watch a lot of Jordan’s films at Mubi and read more about his life and work.