Painting: Japanese Widescreen

For Japan via Los Angeles. I photographed the painting in morning light today to try and show the details better than in last night’s photo. The painting is not quite finished yet, but I wanted to post something. It’s acrylic on various types of paper. Dimensions are approximately 6′ x 3 1/2′.

Japanese TEPCO Executives Should be Forced to Work in Fukushima Death Camp

A Japanese TEPCO executive visited a temporary shelter for evacuees in the area of the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster, bowing and apologizing for causing such a ‘nuisance.’


If this man bows a bit lower, someone should take the opportunity to kick his head through a plate glass window.

These Japanese power company nincompoops are not only disrespectful, but they are quite possibly criminals.

The CEO of TEPCO has all but disappeared, requiring low-level employees to work in his nuclear death camp, risking their health and lives for a company that has been shown to have falsified inspections when not skipping them altogether.

The TEPCO CEO should be forced to work in his own death camp.  Then when he is done there and has suffered irreparable cellular damage, he should be tried and sent to prison.

Apparently, a Japanese government minister this week threatened firefighters with punishment unless they continued to work hard at the disintegrating nuclear plant.

It really pains me to watch highly paid executives and inert Japanese politicians kill workers, soldiers and firemen by forcing them to work in what amounts to a death camp.

The photo is from AFP.


Dreams Ripple ~ Here Now – Japanese Animation by Akinori Okada

What the heck is this? I have no idea. But I like it. It looks like nothing I’ve seen so far. Seems to have something to do with a magic box of dreams maybe. Dream characters dance about and frolic with strange projections and shadows.  There’s an element of old Japanese folktales with tiny toys or figures coming to life at night.  Very strange.

The film was made by Akinori Okada in 2009.