Oakland Police Smash Skull of Iraq War Veteran at Peaceful Protest

In Oakland, Tuesday evening, police fractured the skull of Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen who is an Iraq war veteran.  Police apparently fired a projectile at his head. Mr. Olsen is in critical condition.

Oakland is an American city where police will lay a person out on a subway platform and brutally murder them with a bullet through the back. They are now firing deadly projectiles at Occupy Oakland protesters.

The use of projectiles by police against crowds is in fact a use of potentially deadly force and should be defended against as such. Any firing of a projectile toward crowds or individuals must be viewed as potentially deadly. The protesters would now seem to have a legal argument for self defense.

I predict that this protester and his injuries will soon cost the city Oakland tens of millions of dollars in damages.

That’s the thing about this movement.  It’s got a lot of very smart and well-educated people involved and they have really powerful attorneys who are going to rip Oakland a great big new asshole.

Oakland police were also filmed firing projectiles at people who went to administer first aid to the seriously injured Olsen. You can see that toward the end of the following video. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quiet like that, but I am very certain that the police officer who fired this projectile at people rendering assistance to an injured person can face serious criminal charges.

WikiLeak Video Appears to Show U.S. Military Killing Without Cause

Extremely graphic video that shows killing:

WikiLeaks, an organization that releases whistle-blower information, has released a 2007 video that appears to be part of a U.S. military cover-up. It shows U.S. Apache helicopter gunship crews shooting a group of men on a sidewalk that included two Reuters journalists. They also kill innocent people who arrive to help the wounded, seriously injuring two small children in the process. We can hear the helicopter gun crews begging for clearance to fire on people who are simply talking on a street corner. After killing most of them, they then beg for permission to kill a man who stops his van to render assistance to a victim (one of the journalists, in fact) who is crawling on the sidewalk.  Even if the soldiers thought the van was in fact trying to rescue wounded insurgents, so what?  Since when and under what rules of war are medical personnel or rescuers fired upon and killed for helping the wounded?  That’s a war crime.

I cannot see anything on this video that would give any sane and rational person the slightest motive for firing a weapon.  It is clear and simple murder.

After seeing this video, I think it would have been perfectly justifiable for anyone, including an American, to have taken these helicopters down.  This makes one wonder just how many attacks against American troops might actually be perfectly justifiable self-defense.  The idea that money I’ve earned actually goes into the pockets of murderous military personnel like this crew is hard to accept.  What’s really frightening is how widespread these bad soldiers must be in our military.  After all, these gunship crews are supposed to be the cream of the crop.  These soldiers should not want to live with what they did.

I think everyone should show this video on every web site in the U.S.  And we should find the men in these helicopters and on the radios and charge them with murder.  If this is how we are fighting our wars, I want no part of it.

Prosecute George W. Bush for Murder

Famed Charles Manson prosecutor and three time #1 New York Times bestselling author Vincent Bugliosi wants former President George W. Bush indicted for murder.  Bush and his vice-president Dick Cheney misled the nation into a brutal and needless invasion of Iraq which has resulted in the deaths of nearly 4,000 American soldiers.  They should both be indicted by a Grand Jury and tried for murder.  Absolutely no question about it.  The string of lies that they told in order to accomplish an invasion and put a sovereign nation under the control of a private corporation is the equivalent of what Nazi Germany was doing in the buildup to World War II.  It was a criminal act against both Iraq and the United States.  It amounts to treason and is punishable in the severest sense.

We need more people like Mr. Bugliosi around.  Everybody’s afraid.  Afraid to offend.  Afraid to be angry.  Afraid to make nasty comments on a web site.  What’s up with this country?  Bugliosi’s aggressive and sustained argument for prosecution is exactly what is needed.
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Horror Movie: The Road to Moloch

Here’s a horror movie about some U.S. soldiers in Iraq who face an ancient evil in a cave.
This is very mature subject matter with extreme violence and mature language. Not for young viewers.

This is not a very good film. That’s why I posted it. The filmmaking interests me because of its complete lack of vision. It tries to replicate to perfection other films that the director has seen. The director wants to be a professional and get hired somewhere. It shows in his work. Sorry, sir, but you put it out there and I’m calling it like I see it. The problem here is that the film is not frightening. It’s slick and well-shot, like television or feature films, but it spends all its energy that way. You don’t scare people by being professional. You don’t scare them by being violent. You scare them by showing them that you – director – are a little bit off.

That’s how you scare an audience. Not with professionalism. Try again and make it real this time.

Candlelight Stories Withdraws Support of President Obama

President Barack Obama, in a stunning assault on freedom of information, has decided to object to the planned release of photographs showing abuse of prisoners in U.S. military custody in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This action by a U.S. president who ran on a platform of openness in government and who promised to change the secretive ways of the Bush administration is unconscionable and supremely disappointing.  The U.S. military, in committing acts of torture, committed crimes for which this country itself has prosecuted other nations’ soldiers.  Any photos showing these criminal acts are the property of the American people and must be released for full viewing of the facts.  The argument that releasing these photos somehow reduces the effectiveness of our troops overseas and endangers them any more than they already are is blatantly ridiculous and stretches credulity.  Soldiers are already in harm’s way because they stand in front of enemy guns.  Releasing photos of criminal acts by the military does not change this danger in the slightest.

It is very apparent that Mr. Obama has not brought much change to the White House and would rather continue certain policies of a criminal Bush administration.  On this basis, Candlelight Stories completely rejects Mr. Obama and his presidency and will no longer support him.  Candlelight Stories is convinced that Mr. Obama is a fairly effective public speaker and not much more.  We look forward to a viable Democratic candidate for the 2012 election who is not Barack Obama.

It is truly unfortunate that this country cannot seem to produce a leader with the capacity to stand up to its own military/industrial apparatus.  It is a very dangerous situation when a nation’s military tells its president not to release photos of criminal acts and that president is actually fearful enough to listen.