U.S. Effectively Abandons Human Space Flight

So the United States today launched its last space shuttle mission ever, leaving the task of supporting the International Space Station to Russia, a country ruled for all intents and purposes by a dictator.

NASA, along with its international partners, apparently thought it would be a good idea to build a space station and then retire its fleet of transport vehicles without any replacement in existence.

In about a week, after the final shuttle flight lands, the United States will no longer have the technical ability to put a single human being into earth orbit.

How’s that for leadership in technology and science?  That’s your current president at work who was supposed to possess some magical form of science awareness.

Onward presses NASA with its plan to privatize space station supply launches… sometime… perhaps… in the next five years.

The shuttle was expensive to operate and sometimes dangerous, but it was a successful machine.  No such thing exists now.  Typically, when I’m ready to replace my automobile I go buy the new one first.  Then I bring it home, park it in the driveway and think about how best to dispose of the old clunker.  That’s how it works with me.  I’m just sayin’…