Illustrations by Bridget McKenna

Illustrator Bridget McKenna sent me these pictures and I thought they were nice. So here they are for you to admire. She could work on quite a nice children’s book I think.

She has a web site called Funkolicious Creations with a bunch of totally awesome stuff on it.

Her mixed media art is incredible. Yike! A talent! It’s been a while since I delved into the children’s art where this site began its life long ago. It’s really nice to do it again. I love this woman’s pictures!

See more of her illustrations after the jump.

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An Awesome Book

dallas_clayton_an_awesome_world_Dallas Clayton is an author who has written and illustrated An Awesome Book.  It’s about making sure your dreams are enormous.  Petty little dreams are so out.  Big huge ones with rockets on their backs are ultra-in.

I like the looks of this book and I really like big dreams whenever they come around.  I like the way the author draws too.

You can purchase Mr. Clayton’s book here.

But you can also read the whole entire thing for free right here.

I think you should read it online and then buy one or two to give away.