Comic About How Future Will See the Internet

I’ve pilfered the vault over at BoingBoing again because Cory Doctorow posted this hilarious comic by Stephen Collins about how a post-apocalyptic future world will view the Internet.  The cartoonist does lots of work for the U.K.’s Prospect Magazine.  I like the inky black outline drawings.  Mr. Collins has an off-the-side kind of humor that takes me quite a while to actually get because I’m not always the brightest bulb.  I’ve always felt that the best cartoonists are never immediately funny.  It’s the slow-burn ones that put a little confusion into the picture that really get me.

Animation: Pigeon Pilfer

Animator Michael Stevenson of San Fransisco State University made this claymation cartoon. It’s short and sweet. Clay animation is very difficult to do well and this animator does it brilliantly. He gets a lot a character out of his clay and the film has a wonderful gentle humor that is very European in its flavor.  The entire film was shot frame-by-frame with a digital SLR camera.  There’s a behind-the-scenes web site where you can see photos of the film’s set.

Awkward Office Moment 1: An XtraNormal Animation

I’ve found a fantastic online 3D animation service called  You choose characters and settings, then you write your little script and choose facial expressions, movements, camera angles, and sounds.  When you’ve put it all together in a simple list, you press a button and in a few moments you have a movie!  I think it’s very well done.

I’ve made a little movie called Awkward Office Moment 1.